Celebrating Life

The last 3 days have been such a fantastic whirlwind! Β Filled with family, friends, and food- 3 out of my 4 favorite ‘F’ words! The other one being fitness, which ironically I’ve done none of all weekend even though we’ve been celebrating my Women’s Health article! That’s okay though as sometimes life needs a little more celebrating and a little less rigidness, am I right? πŸ˜‰

Thursday night started out with getting caught in a downpour on my way to dinner with my cousins who were visiting from California, Binghamton and then the 2 that live right here in NYC. I usually get hella annoyed while being rained on, especially since I was wearing my Tom’s (wet canvas shoes don’t do well walking long distances FYI) but I just kinda enjoyed it and strolled on over to Supper for dinner- pun intended. Lately I’ve been LOVING Italian food and enjoying every bite, so I was excited when this was the chosen restaurant. Apparently Lady Gaga was dining there too, but I walked right past her giant green hat that my cousin spotted! This was also my first time meeting 3 of my cousin’s so it was super exciting. They are amazing and so funny! Supper brings you out complimentary italian bread with a delicious white bean, super garlicky dip that was out of this world.

photo (7)

We also shared a black salt caesar salad that went picture-less but it was also great. My entree was hilariously called “priest stranglers” and it was the most doughy type of pasta I’ve ever had, covered in melted parm cheese.

photo (9)

So good. After dinner we parted ways, but not before getting a stranger to snap a group pic of us. Not the best quality, but I have to have a picture for memories!

Great family.

Great family.

That bright green scarf and bag of mine are hard to miss!

On my way to the subway, I ran into Whole Foods to quickly use the bathroom before my long trek home. John happened to text me right before this and say his mom received the September issue of Women’s Health and saw my article, so I sheepishly shuffled over to the magazine section. I wasn’t expecting this to be out for at least another week or so, so I hadn’t totally prepared myself for my reaction or anything… and there it was. I called my mom, screamed, then screamed again when I opened to page 102 to see my silly mug smiling back at me on a full page of one of my favorite magazines of all time.

photo (10)

Everyone in there looked at me like I was nuts! I am not modest in the slight, so I of course showed my cashier who was so excited and proceeded to tell all the other cashiers around her. Sorry I’m not sorry- this may be my only shot at fame! πŸ™‚

After posting it on Facebook and Instagram, the amount of support and happiness from my friends and family was overwhelmingly amazing. I just want to thank everyone again for being so happy for me. It made this entire experience that much better!

Friday at work was great. My co-workers and managers were so excited and made a big announcement to congratulate me. John made my day even better when he had flowers delivered to me at work with the greatest card ever. I cried so hard!

photo (11)


photo (16)


He is amazing.

Friday night John took me out to celebrate at one of my favorite pizza places, also the first pizza place ever in America, Lombardi’s. Yes, my idea of a celebration most DEFINITELY includes delicious carbs alongside the love of my life. I got a little fancy for the night and with a little black dress and my Chanel purple crystal heel booties.

photo (12)


Full disclosure… I only wore them for the picture πŸ˜‰ They are too precious and I think I only really have one event in life I want to wear them to so for now they are for picture purposes only!

The food. Hopefully if you live in NYC you’ve been here at least once but if you are ever visiting, this place is worth the wait. Not just for the food, but for the history of it also! We started with bread sticks and a salad.

photo (14)


Pretty proud to say that I only ate 1 of those bread sticks. Not an easy thing to do, people. But I knew I wasn’t going to be super active this weekend so had to (actually) practice moderation!

And the pizza.

photo (15)


This kind of NY pizza is my favorite because the little bits of cheese can be easily picked off when your stomach can’t handle cheese. Perfection!

The celebrating continued last night at Brenda and Eddie’s new apartment on the Upper East Side. We were also celebrating Eddie’s birthday, and we had yummy homemade Mexican food and wine. We laughed, played Candy Land (and I lost to a 6 year old), drank, ate, and stayed up way past my bedtime. It was the absolute perfect night. I have amazing friends!

I’ll leave you with John bragging that he is better at yoga than me, even after a bottle of wine and vodka.

drunk crow pose. Not recommended.

drunk crow pose. Not recommended.

Let me be a little selfish here and ask if any of you have read my article in Women’s Health yet? πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “Celebrating Life

  1. Am reading it right now and I’m really inspired. I weigh 160 and have been trying to shed 30 lbs over the past few years.. With no luck. I graduated with my Bachelors in May and I’ve had a hard time finding a job.. Thanks for the inspiration to keep going.

      • Hahaha I know this is totally irrelevant….but hey what’s life without a little irrelevancy? (Ha!) buuuut it’s funny you say bomb.com because the other day I was thinking to myself that whoever got bomb as their domain name is the luckiest person ever. So I looked it up and the domain name was for sale….and they’re not accepting bids under a million. Crazzzzzy!

  2. Super proud of you, Jen! You’re serving as an inspiration to a lot of people, myself included! Thanks for sharing your journey, including your daily struggles. It’s always easier to get through it yourself when you know others have similar problems. You look great, and now that I’ve discovered your blog, I can’t wait to keep reading!

  3. I read your article and loved it. You were so real in it. I really related to the part about obsessing about your weight. I like your attitude about moderation and I have been really trying to embrace that approach recently, so your story has come at a great time. I look forward to following your blog. I’m excited to hear about your running as it is something I have been plodding along and doing for the past 10 years (self proclaimed medal junkie!). Congratulations on your ongoing success!

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